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   Through our “TURN-KEY” project design services, starting from your requirements, we can take the responsibility to build the right PCB with considering all details from concept design to the market product for you.
  • If you are thinking about use affordable price domestic alternative product instead of your imported product,
  • Have an idea waiting to become a “Product”,
  • If you want to improve your product with electronic, develop your business more around technologic area,
We stand with you to share most appropriate solutions.
Embedded System Hardware Design
  • Analog, digital and hibrit systems design
  • Printed Circuit Board(PCB) design
    • Schematic and Layout design
    • Compact (small form factor) design
    • 1 to 16, Designing with required number of layer(s)
    • Designing techniques with respect to EMC and EMI standards
    • Fast Prototyping
    • Production data management and analysis
    • Panelization
    • (Optional) Designing with respect to IPC (2221/2) standards
    • PbFree (Lead-free) manufacturing compatibility
    • ROHS manufacturing compatibility
    • WEEE manufacturing compatibility
  • (Optional) Before the final product 3D visualization of PCB (Sharing CAD files)
  • Choosing cost effective, right components considering with Ensuring and Availability
  • BOM estimatation
  • Conformal coating
  • Designs for Manufacturability
  • Economical “Control Board” design alternatives instead of PLC
  • Suitable designs for Mass Production
  • Suitable designs for Small-Scale Production
  • Suitable for full functional automated test designs through test points on PCB
  • End-user friendly interface design
  • Analysis and Verification
  • Full technical support from design phase through to production
  • Product testing and Branding
  • Preparation of tecnical documentation and user manual
  • After market support