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   Increasing outsourcing and increasingly more effective use of companies especially those that provide electronic manufacturing services are becoming more and more important in difficult competition conditions. Outsourcing needs to be done in the most accurate way from low-volume to high-volume production. We must increase our services at this point. In this direction ;


  • Cooperation with trusted manufacturers that have the best equipment and manufacturing techniques for SMD and TH assembly with compliance deadlines,
  • Cooperation with reliable suppliers for materials, components,
  • The provision of products and services with minimal wait times,
  • Providing optimal cost with the use of new technology and expert staff,
  • Working on optimizing inventory costs.
Test Devices


   Our team specialized about test types,scenarios and develop varieties of methots for full testing process. Using the knowledge and experience of our engineers, you will be able to minimize your risks and successfully introduce your new products.


  • Low cost Test Fixture design
  • Functional Test
  • Performance Test
  • In circuit Test(ICT)
  • Ensuring product quality
  • Rapidly placed on market with reducing test time
  • Reducing test cost
  • Reducing the cost of software installation to product which has microprocessor
  • Increasing testing capacity
  • Reducing the cost with efficient debugging
  • Continuous quality monitoring
  • By reducing the risk of poor quality products;
    • Low rate of return product
    • Reduce costs of after-sales services
    • Increased protection of the brand image and sales volume
  • Improving follow-up with effective barcoding methods
  • Continuous optimization of production cost